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2006 December 4

Happy Birthday, dear Gérard! I chose this day to launch my website a year ago, and I thought it would be nice to surprise everyone with a new, more modern version on this special day. You would be surprised, Gégé, how many people remember you, and love you still! I have only received messages of love by people who have been mesmerised by your talent, and for whom you will always be a wonderful example.

Apart from the new design, I updated a few things content-wise; the Movies page is still under construction, but a few titles already work as links, and I am planning to add tons of information, as well as pictures, movie stills, videos to every separate movie page. If only I had more hands and time...! For now, I added two galleries: no. 6 and 7, with YUMMY photos.

Anyway, I hope you like the new design, and will keep coming back for more!

2006 June 7

I added Articles to the menu; it is hopefully going to become a large storage of international articles written on Monsieur Philipe. So far, only one piece is uploaded (the only one I own). I also added two new backgrounds to Fanart. Enjoy!

2006 June 4

I received confirmation from a friend who is in touch with Anne-Marie Philipe that the exhibition opens on July 1, and will last for the whole summer (I don't have the exact date). The address of the venue is l'Espace Miramar in Cannes.

2006 May 21

I finally made time to update some of the galleries (3, 4 and 5). I also made the Biography more readable, cutting it into 8 sections. It was high time that I added a Thank you page, as I have received much help from many people; I will gradually name them all. And of course, I am constantly re-working the design- please bear with me...

2006 February 24

Between July 1 and 3, Anne-Marie Philipe, Gérard's daughter is organizing an exhibition in Cannes consacrated to her father's memory. More information soon!

2006 January 20

The GUESTBOOK has been added, and for those of you fluent in Hungarian for one reason or another ;), the Forum is updated on the Hungarian page.

2005 December 10

The Bibliography section is updated; publishing details of each books are available until I create separate pages with detailed information and description of each book. (That will happen as I read them... and that might take a little time...)

2005 December 7

I added FANFIC to the menu; I have always loved writing stories about people or events that inspired me. In this case, there is only one short story available, inspired by a certain image on this webpage. For the time being, only in Hungarian... I plan to translate it to English at some point.

2005 December 4

After working with the site on and off for four long years, I am delighted to announce the grand opening of Much still remains to be added, so do keep visiting!