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Les Petites du Quai aux Fleurs »
Up down


Original title: La boîte aux rêves

Directed by: Yves Allégret
Screenplay: Viviane Romance, Yves Allégret, René Lefèvre
Music: Jean Marion
Duration: 100 min.

Premiered on: 1945, July 11 in Paris


Nicole- Viviane Romance
Marc- René Lefèvre
Pierre- Henri Guisol
Jean- Frank Villard
Pépito- Henri Bry


Four artists live together in Saint-Germain-des-Près: Pierre, musician, Marc, actor, Jean, painter and Alan, journalist. They have no money, but tons of ambition and hope. When Jean manages to sell one of his works, he invites all his friends to their flat. They get to know Nicole, who moves in with them, since she is in love with Jean. In the end, she only manages to seduce the other three. When she realizes how lazy and no good they are, she tells them so, and leaves them behind. A little later, the four friends learn that their rich Spanish friend, Pépito, is getting married to their old chum, Nicole. In the last moment, she refuses him and returns to Jean, who finally admits his love to her.

Gérard Philipe appears for a few minutes at the beginning of the movie, among the friends whom Jean invites over to their flat.