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When I started creating this webpage, I was very discouraged by the small number of memorabilia and information I was able to find at that time on Gérard Philipe on the internet. Thank god I was wrong in assuming that the world has forgotten him; since then I have managed to come across a good deal of books, films, photos, and other movie memorabilia concerning Gérard. I search the net daily for more stuff, and I am happy to say that she who searches, finds. Below I am listing online places where I purchased most of the items I own myself. If you know of any other online shops where Gérard Philipe items are available, please drop me a line!
If not familiar with the French ebay, dive in! It is THE place to find everything on Gérard: books, his films on DVD and video cassette, vinyl and compact discs with the sound recordings of his theatrical pieces and poem recitals, photos, magazines, all kinds of rarities, etc, used or new. Happy looking, and happy bidding!
An even larger marketplace for rarities on Gérard from all over the world; also, anything else you will ever need...
Canadian ebay
Belgian ebay
German ebay
Another large marketplace for books, discs, movies; a good deal of books not available all the time on ebay can be found here, for reasonable prices, used or new.
FNAC is similar to Amazon, and if lucky enough to travel to France in person, you can come across FNAC shops in all major cities. Not too many items are available here on Gérard, but you never know...
French online shop, with dozens of items (books mostly) on Gérard, used or new, very cheap!
Japanese store similar to ebay; used and new items surface on Gérard daily. The disadvantage is that you have to be Japanese in order to bid on these items, as the sellers only speak Japanese, and they usually prefer shipping items to Japan exclusively. Luckily, we discovered a way to get around this: there are these go-between companies, for example, who require some deposit from your VISA card, and bid on your behalf, then ask for a certain commission amount, and ship the item to you. So if you are ready to pay some extra commission and shipping, this is an amazing treasure island! I have seen Le pays sans etoiles on DVD here! Among other things... If you want to make a search for Gérard Philipe, just write in "gerard philipe" without any accent, and you will probably get one or two items; under the photo of the item you will see his name written in katakana; just copy the characters until the break, which is usually a star, and paste it to the search box. This way you will get all the items available at that time. Prices range from 1 $ for an image or postcard, to 120 $ for a DVD box containing several of GP's movies, unavailable anywhere in Europe or the US!
Japanese Amazon; numerous movies of Gérard, not available elsewhere, can be purchased here. The downside is that a)the website is only in Japanese, and b)the prices of the DVDs are rather high.