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These few links I found pay tribute to the memory of Gérard Philipe one way or another; if you know of any other link in connection to him, please let me know! You will also find numerous links on the separate movie and theatre pages- once I make the time to work on those too...

Very nice French website owned by Christel Givelet

Japanese website dedicated to Gérard Philipe; unfortunately, there seems to be nothing new after 2003.

Site in French, English and Spanish owned by Nadine

Link to the Official website of the Avignon Festival

The official website to the Festival de Ramatuelle, in the memory of Gérard who sleeps his eternal sleep in that village.

Link to a book written by adolescents on Gérard Philipe: Gérard Philipe vu par des adolescents

Link to the official website of the theatre that got its name in 1960 in memory of the actor deceased in the previous year

Cultural Centre of Calais

Website of artist Laure Grenier, who among others has several paintings inspired by Gérard Philipe...

Contemporary novel which has Gérard Philipe as the inspiring force for the main character...

Link to the wonderful exhibition dedicated to the life and artistry of Gérard Philipe, held in Paris until January of 2004. For a more personal review, visit Christel's webpage- she was lucky enough to visit the exhibition.

New photos
of Gérard uploaded constantly

Gérard Philipe and Bart Simpson...?

German Youth centre named after Gérard

Small tribute page created by a person who loves Gothic stuff. Hm. Interesting... It seems kindred spirits come in all shapes and sizes. :-)

Czech article on Gérard Philipe as the idol of many generations. (Translation would be welcome as I don't speak the language.)

Spanish article on the visit Gérard paid to Cuba. (Translation would be welcome, as I merely understand very little Spanish...)

The following links are irrelevant to Gérard Philipe, but they are important for me.

The first Hungarian website dedicated to the most wonderful male figure skater ever, Evgeni Plushenko. The forum on this site literally changed my life...

Dawson's Creek- Very nice Hungarian website on TV series Dawson's Creek. It also has a forum where it is easy to have a good time... ;-)

Gorgeous Brendan Fraser fansite in Hungarian and English, jampacked with goodies!

Lingformant: The Science of Linguistics in the News- The only website on language and everything connected to it that collects information from the web on so many layers.

CSS Zen garden- Wonderful website on the beauties of CSS webdesign. Hundreds of templates, examples, tutorials for the lovers of beautiful and clean webdesign.