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It was December 4, 2005 when the first version of this website was made available. It was exactly eigthy-three years before on that very day that a wonderful gift to humankind had been born. This site is the second version I've been working on for a year now; I wanted to make it more up-to-date, yet retaining the simplicity and gracefulness that was characteristic of Gérard's life and work. Again, I have to thank my soulmate, without the help of whom this webpage would not exist.

The page, built from both historical data and personal opinions is but a modest tribute to the most beautiful actor who has ever lived. Gérard Philipe deserves to be remembered, for his talent and artistry should be still looked upon as magical, even today, almost 47 years after he left this world.

Most of the site is under construction; I am constantly looking for new material, news bits, articles, books, etc. There is so much to write about and so little time! Thank you for your patience, and please visit back once in a while for updates.

If you visit the page and you think that it deserves some attention, please sign the guestbook, and tell about the page to others who know who Gérard Philipe was. Let us keep his memory alive!

Krisztina Csiki