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It is a big world out there... but already, many people have signed this guestbook, proving that Gérard will not be forgotten ever. I am extremely happy every time someone sends me a message; a lot of people view the webpage daily, but only very few contact me. If you are someone who remembers, admires and loves Gérard Philipe, have met him in person, or only through his movies, have lived in his lifespan, or decades after he had left this world- if you know who he was, please take the time to sign this guestbook! Let's make Gérard happy, wherever he is, let's show him how grateful we are to him for everything he has given us; Anne-Marie, your father was a chosen person, and we are privileged that we have been touched by his beauty.
Because of the amount of spam that the old guestbook gathered, I am now handling submissions via email. This means that your entries will not appear in the book instantly, as I will have to add them by hand. Thank you!

Guestbook is currently down due to spam