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As Aristotle said, beauty is the gift of God. I truly believe that Gérard was given his wonderful gift, outer and inner beauty, for a special purpose: if nothing else, to make us stand in awe and be witness to his worldy presence. People tend to overestimate the importance of looks, but they are unaware of why they do this. Someone recently told me that beauty is the stairway to the heavenly powers, and I am content with this explanation. I remember the first time I watched Montparnasse 19 and how it made me feel.

This page contains different image galleries with 12 images each. Most images, portraits or off-screen photos, are scanned from biographical books (listed in the Bibliography section), with a few being donated by kind people all around the world (the names of these people, as well as those of everyone who has donated material for this website, will be soon listed on the Thank you page). Any material I can lay my hands on, I will try to publish on this website, as I believe Gérard Philipe is a treasure that must be cherished and seen by everyone. If I infringe any laws of copyright, I apologize: I am not trying to make money out of this. I was given, and I pass it on to everyone.

Apart from these miscellaneous pictures taken from Gérard's off screen/stage or private life, you can find images and stills at the individual movie or theatre pages. They are taking me forever, so please return for updates.