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Veuillez être patient, la version française complète viendra bientôt...

Putting together someone's biography, someone's life, from bits and pieces, uncertain memories and sure facts does not mean that we get to know that person. A man's life is so much more than data, numbers or places. Unfortunately this is the only way I can get to know Gérard: from books, memoires, articles, vicarious memories.

The biography you will read here might not be completely accurate; I have quite many books in my possession written on him, and I only read a couple. If you find any discrepancies or untrue facts, please contact me and I will be happy to correct all my mistakes!

I tried focusing on the facts of his life, which is always difficult for me; I live for thoughts, feelings, memories, colours. Things that cannot be described, only felt. Hence, it might be a little dry to read, but I will try to compansate this fact with the Image galleries, Fan art, and Fanfic sections (once available in English).