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Putting together someone's biography, someone's life, from bits and pieces, uncertain memories and sure facts does not mean that we get to know that person. A man's life is so much more than data, numbers or places. Unfortunately this is the only way I can get to know Gérard: from books, memoires, articles, vicarious memories.

The biography you will read here might not be completely accurate; I have quite many books in my possession written on him, and I only read a couple. If you find any discrepancies or untrue facts, please contact me and I will be happy to correct all my mistakes!

I tried focusing on the facts of his life, which is always difficult for me; I live for thoughts, feelings, memories, colours. Things that cannot be described, only felt. Hence, it might be a little dry to read, but I will try to compansate this fact with the Image galleries, Fan art, and Fanfic sections (once available in English).